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From homeless to homed - having a warm, dry home has turned Terrence King's life around

Published: 2017-10-12

Terrance KingAuckland tenant Terrence King is absolutely rapt with his new Housing New Zealand home, after some really hard years sleeping rough in bus shelters and on the street, and, most recently, living in a cold and damp garage in West Auckland.

Before moving into his new Housing New Zealand home in the Auckland suburb of Meadowbank, Terrence says his health was getting worse. “Most of my benefit was being spent on day-to-day survival, which left little else for finding a permanent home, looking after my health and finding a job.”

Enjoying his new home, with Housing New Zealand Senior Tenancy Manager Anna Maharaj; Terrence, who is 57, says he is just so appreciative of Housing New Zealand.

“I now have a place to call home, but it’s also given me an opportunity to turn my life around. I now have such a more positive outlook on life and that’s because I have a place to live. My home is also warm and dry and my life is so much more settled. I live only one suburb away from my doctor and I’ve now also got a part time job.”

“It’s been a brand new beginning and I just can’t thank Housing New Zealand enough, for everything. Life certainly begins at 57,” Terrence says.