21 Aug

Baby teeth matter - brush them twice a day

Published: 2017-08-21

Baby teeth matterYou may have seen the adverts on the TV about a tooth fairy that visits a parent in the night to remind him about brushing his child's teeth.

Caring for baby teeth can help your child to eat and sleep well. Problems with baby teeth can cause your child pain and can lead to problems with their adult teeth. Last year, many Kiwi kids had their teeth pulled out.

Brushing twice a day helps proptect baby teeth and avoid the pain of tooth decay. Brushing needs to be with family fluride toothpaste and children need help from adults with tooth brushing until they are 8 or 9 years old.

Enrol your baby with your local community detal service for free dental care. All children are eligible for free dental care until their 18th birthday.

For other timps on how to protect your child's smile go to www.letstalkteeth.co.nz .