31 Oct

Start to plan now for Christmas

Published: 2016-10-31

If you ask people what Christmas and the holiday season is really about, most will say relaxing and spending time with family – not spending loads of money.

So dodge the debt this year by staying away from the shops and reminding yourself that you and your family need a happy, debt-free summer.

Spread the cost

If you’re on a budget, buy what you need for Christmas over the next few months so that when Christmas comes around there’s not such a big bill to cope with.

Spreading the payments out makes it far easier to budget.

Decide what you can afford to spend.

Break down your budget to allow for gifts, decorations, food, drink and entertainment.

Keep track of your spending in the months leading up to Christmas – work within the budget and enjoy a stress-free Christmas.

Another good idea is to join your local supermarket Christmas club. Think of it as a piggy bank you can use to help spread the cost of Christmas over the year. The earlier you contribute to your Christmas club, the more treats you’ll have.